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These handmade products have cleared up my daughter’s eczema and my daughter-in law’s severe acne. Love that these products are organic and pure. Just what we were looking for. Love the unique message if offers- encouraging and true!

Ginny P.

I love the hand made lipsticks and mineral makeup.  I never could find my color before Truth. Are you going to make mascara?

Tonisha W.

I began to use this skin care line – especially Esther’s Royal oil and Refresh cleanser during my last pregnancy and it is wonderful. There are no harmful chemicals and it truly leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh. I still use it daily!

Brittany R.

Thank you So much for most generous gifts. The presentation of your product is so lovely and I am using and enjoying everything. What a great product line I love the fact that your products are natural and made from the wonderful natural beauty of creation.

Tamera C.

Thank you So much for most generous gifts. The presentation of your product is so lovely and I am using and enjoying everything. What a great product line I love the fact that your products are natural and made from the wonderful natural beauty of creation.

Kayla S.

I need the anti-aging organic botanicals in Truth to protect my skin from the toxic environment in the city I work. I work outside all day.

Sue Mc.

These products work so great! I use it everyday and my skin has never been so clear. You should definitely try it out. Love the message too! My college friends are always borrowing from me.

Adrienne L.

I just opened my package from Truth, WOW! I’m speechless. I can’t wait to try the soap, eyeliner and powder foundation. The words in the note meant the most to me. I have experienced a long period of suffering and God’s peace is what keeps me. Not in a general sense, but very personal, intimate and powerful sense. Thank you sweet sisters! I’m so glad I spilled my first bottle of Esther’s Royal Oil otherwise I would not have had the chance to connect with you personally.

Mimi B.

Thank you so much for the generous and thoughtful gifts. I love them all. Praying for all the women who will use Truth to believe in Song of Songs 4:7 and Zeph 3:17. So thankful for your partnership in the gospel.

Deb L.

These products meet and exceed the Whole Food Premium standards for quality ingredients in skin care. Great for my sensitive skin. 

Leigh L.

Okay …so love this company, it is so great. Once I tired it I was amazed. It is so healing on my rosacea and acne- its gone! 

Karina F.

I've never been a big fan of skin-care products but fell in love with the TRUTH product line the 1st time I used it! It's AWESOME and makes your face feel so fresh and clean.

Celeste B.

I use to by store brands in Target my friend told me about TRUTH and so I trusted her. I was so glad she told me. These products are amazing. Please make shampoo! PLEASE!!!

Meghan S.

All your products are loved by our spa customers and sell very well. We value the fact your products are locally made and a portion is set aside to help charities in our city. Thank you!

Ritz Carlton Spa

Thank you so much for the gift. I received my order today and am always pleased with your generosity and prayers. I am happy to be a customer and look forward to your website. I hope to talk to you soon.

Stephanie M.

My skin is really dry- I tried the Rejuvenate Oil and it made a BIG difference in my flaky dry skin. I won’t use anything else- I am a believer. Love that it is organic too!

Amanda L.

My dermatologist sells Truth in her office in Charlotte. She recommended I try Esther’s Royal Oil and the the Oil of Joy body oil for my dry skin and I am in love with it. Smells great, so gentle. Perfect after my workout and shower.

Julia M.

Truth has a strong Christian message and is committed to quality hand crafted products and giving back. That is what I care about. I’m all in.

Cindy A.

I really like the Bridal Veil and Eve. They work great for me.

Angie O.

I love their Refresh cleanser- so gentle to exfoliate everyday. Toner keeps my pH in balance and I have noticed a big difference in my skin in a few weeks. I have 3 friends using it now too. Will you make shampoo sometime?

Camilla W.

My skin has never been so healthy after using Truth.  Much clearer and acne on my forehead is gone. Thanks TruthGirls.

Lindsey B.

I have really bad acne on my cheek area and forehead. I tried using the Repair oil for oily and acne skin and it has been amazing. I love the sea buckthorn, neem and tamanu oil in the ingredients. It makes a huge difference. I also brush on ZZ powder (Zinc) at night and it has been awesome. If you have acne I would try this! Better than my old acne cream, retin-a-- so drying.

Alejandra H.

I love, love, love the mineral make-up. I found the perfect match for my skin- (Hannah) It stays on all day, has sun protection and makes my skin look flawless, Thanks y’all. Will you make a deodorant and sunscreen?? Pweasze?

Jeanie P.

Your products ROCK!  Our customers love the Oil of Joy and the facial oils. May we order more Esther Royal Oil?

Esthetics Centers – Dr. Peggy F. MD

The mineral makeup is fab. I used to use BM for 3 years and switched to Truth when I saw what it did for my skin and the the ingredient combination was good too. (no fillers or nasty ingredients like bismuth which made my face break out).

Karen Mc.

I am African American with dark oily skin---- I could never find mineral makeup that didn’t make me look ashen ridiculous. Truth has formulated mmu for all ethnicities. I finally found my perfect color match and it looks great and stays on all day. Lasts forever 

Jeronica L.

I switched from Clinique to Truth and so glad I did. First, not only is it affordable- but better quality. Also it doesn’t have all the harsh chemicals in the ingredients. I read all my labels now. Great to have Christian messaging. Uplifting.

Mary Beth S.

Esther’s Royal Oil is the bomb. I love this stuff. I put it on day and night and my skin just drinks it up, It was not as greasy as I thought it might be. I have tried one that was super expensive and this works so much better and has natural ingredients. Thanks so much!

Lizbeth F.

Your hand made soaps have been big hit with our sojourners. We love them! Thank you so much for your partnership. 

Well of Mercy Sisters

Being from a cold climate my skin can get really dried out. I use the organic oil- Rejuvenate- and the Refresh cleanser and it protects and softens my skin. I have not found anything else like it. My best friend uses it now too and likes the mineral makeup.

Carol Anne A.

I like that Truth has a social conscious and is a green company. I love the Christian messaging and resources. I buy products for my nieces to get them started in the right direction. So far they love it! I have your soaps in every bathroom /shower  in the house.

Steph N.

I love the resources in Truth- and blogs. Not only do they offer a great hand made product, but great messaging too. My daughter and I love this part. The mineral makeup matches my darker complexion perfectly and my face has cleared. You go girls!

Alexa W.

I got a sample of this product at a show and had to have more. They are fast with shipping and the prices and are reasonable. High quality. $49. Ship free too- good for me all the way to CA.

Megan S.

I try to buy organic foods and eat healthy- I think that doing the same for my skin is important too. Truth is a trusted brand and the only one I use. My teenage daughter, Tiff loves the makeup!

Gabriella C.

I recommend TruthGirl products to all my friends. They are more than just wonderful products (better than all the high-end brands I have used) – they are products you can feel good about using because they give back to charities and mission groups.

Nicole T.

These products are very high quality and yet affordable. I have some acne and used to use ProActive which made a mess of my skin. Using these products has made a HUGE difference. Using a natural product really does make a difference.

Susan P.

I can’t say enough about Truth. I appreciate the intersection of a product line and a message of true beauty. There is simply nothing like it on the market. Thanks for all you do. I am a happy customer.

Sarah Beth C.

There is a glut of stuff in the market with false advertising. I was so confused. I appreciate a brand that I can trust and that is high quality. Thanks truthgirls.

Tracey R.

Thanks so much for your personal note along with the product order. You have a wonderful product. I LOVE how well it works and how clean my skin feels. I’ve tried many different products and none have worked as well. And the fact that it is organic is an added benefit.

Karen H.

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