We provide entirely natural, hand-crafted and affordable personal-care products
made from the earth’s purest ingredients.
We empower women of all ages with the truth about their “inner royalty” –
a God-given identity, beauty and value.
We partner with female-focused ministries and charities that bring
spiritual, social and financial freedom to women.
We value womankind.
We celebrate what is unique in women: relational solidarity, strength, endurance and an instinct for beauty, nurture and growth. We belong to a movement that recognizes the irreplaceable value that every woman and girl brings to the global village.
We value staying natural.
We believe that a woman of any age has a natural beauty that begins with a grounded understanding of her true identity, enhanced by the use of nature’s own elements. We value products that are healthy, wholesome, earth-derived and all natural.
We value integrity.
We provide accurate information and communicate it truthfully.
By exposing misinformation, we expect to disrupt a dishonest industry.
We value stewardship.
We nurture our God-given bodies and our relationships with each other and the earth. We share our resources with sisters who have suffered harm -  often because they are simply women.