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To provide professional and creative personal-care products
made from the earth’s purest ingredients.
To empower persons of all ages with the truth about their “inner royalty” –
 beauty and value.
To collaborate with regenerative herbalists and farmers local
to our Appalachian Mountains and beyond. 
We value humankind.
To celebrate what is unique in people: relational solidarity, strength, endurance and an instinct for beauty, nurture and growth. We belong to a movement that recognizes the irreplaceable value that every person brings to the global village.
We value staying natural.
We believe that a person of any age has a natural beauty that begins with a grounded understanding of their true identity, enhanced by the use of nature’s own elements. We value products that are healthy, wholesome, earth-derived and all natural.
We value integrity.
We provide accurate information and communicate it truthfully. 
We value stewardship.
We nurture our bodies and our relationships with each other and the earth. We believe in regenerative agriculture and support the farmers that utilize this method.
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