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Truth® came to life naturally

My name is Allison~ So nice to meet you!


The mountains, seashores, forests and gardens in my young world were alive,

inviting me to collaborate with creation.

As a girl, I relished this authentic relationship with the earth and its countless treasures.

As an adult, I became both a pharmacist and an herbalist. I know how much of an ally nature is for beauty and healing. In fact, the earliest pharmacies created cosmetic products and perfumes.

My love of early apothecaries and gardening led to

experimentation and the creation of earth-derived products.

So, I made a promise: I will make a product similar to those originally sold.
And whatever I ma
ke or design, I will share.

And that’s How Truth® was born

It’s that simple.


It’s that good.


It’s that true.

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