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TruthgirlSM came to life naturally and that's the truthTM

TruthgirlSM has always been alive in the mind of its creator. As a Doctor of Pharmacy and a Master Herbalist, Allison has spent decades in the study of traditional medicines, herbal medicines, and the design of formulations. Allison finds joy in curating products that reveal the TruthTM of beauty in all its grace and authenticity, while staying faithful to her roots.

“As both a pharmacist and herbalist, I understand how medicines work in our bodies. I spend much time in the aisles of my pharmacy helping patients choose products. These consults happen in both the beauty aisle and medicine aisle. I know part of disease state maintenance is also self-care and self-love. For example, my diabetic patients do not just need their diabetic medicine, they also need foot care products. Depression does not end with the bottle of pills I dispense; it also needs products that inspire self-love. Acne is not just a capsule; this consultation also needs a face care routine. I have witnessed the holes in medicine and realize why historically pharmacists were the designers and dispensers of not only traditional medicine, but what we refer to today as beauty and cosmetic products. The products in TruthgirlSM have been chosen due to their timeless traditions in both healing and cosmetic arts.”

Truthgirl’sSM logo is a mirror. Beauty goes hand in hand with health. When you feel better, your personal relationships are stronger. For TruthgirlSM, this logo is the ultimate image of love, and the ultimate image of what being a woman encompasses. Welcome to your TruthgirlSM journey, I am so happy you are here~

It’s that simple.


It’s that good.


It’s that true.

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