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Truth supports ministries that bring health, hope and freedom to women of all ages. We share 10% of our net proceeds to both local and global efforts.

Offering Hope & Refuge

The Salvation Army’s Center of Hope and Family Shelters Program provides food and emergency or transitional housing to women & families in need. During their stay clients participate in programs and workshops designed to promote self-sufficientcy and personal develpoment.


Alarm is an African-led and African-based organization that focuses on equipping leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to truly transform their communities. Their Women’s Leadership Training educates and equips female leaders to be more effective transformational agents in thwir chruches and communities.


Faithful Hearts (FH) is a new kind of ministry for women who have a desire to learn more about their faith, find godly counsel, or maybe just a place to rest. FH offers Bible studies, support groups, blogs, mentoring, counseling and retreats to women of all ages.


Changed Choices seeks to assist women during and after their incarceration with mental, emotional, physical and spiritual help with the goal of enabling them to make positive changes in their lives to achieve self -sufficiency.


FINDINGbalance is the leading Christian resource for DAILY help with eating and body image issues. Based in Franklin, TN, they serve people all over the world with daily devotionals, small group tools, free videos, and their new “Lasting Freedom” online support program for those battling food issues.


The Dove’s Nest is a faith-based program of the Charlotte Rescue Mission designed exclusively for women (with their children) seeking a life change. Many in the program seek to overcome substance-abuse, homelessness and joblessness.

Fashion & Compassion

Fashion & Compassion creates empowerment communities that connect vulnerable women to God, one another and resources as they transform their lives. Fashion & Compassion runs programs in Charlotte, North Carolina and Kampala, Uganda and we partner with Artisan projects in five other countries. F&C teaches women to make jewelry and other crafts. These products provide supplemental income to the women and an income stream for the organization.