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What is unique about Truth®?

As a natural cosmetics and skincare company, we believe that all people deserve the very best and safest personal care products that the earth can offer. Allison has studied both pharmacy and herbal medicine and is able to use this knoweldge to create elegant formulations.

Truth® is a unique holistic line that is made-by-hand with a central message affirming natural beauty. We believe we make products for our dearest friends, family, and neighbors; we hold to the highest standards of integrity in all our formulations, labeling, and marketing.

Truth® believes that finding a routine of beauty and selfcare leads to a happier self. We are tired of the media portraying beauty in one way. We believe that everyone is Beautiful~

Why is Truth® so concerned about the safety of ingredients?
Believe us! We have done our homework and will continue to expose the plethora of 
hazardous personal care products sold on the market today. It is shocking to know that this information is under the radar for most people. We want to make this research easily accessible to every sister. 

  • Did you know that almost 13,000 chemicals are used in cosmetics and only 10% have been evaluated for safety? 

  • The average person is exposed to more than 100 toxic chemicals before leaving the house in the morning. 

  • Up to 60% of what is applied to the skin is absorbed into the bloodstream which can alter cell structure and wreak havoc on your health. 

Clearly such chemical exposure is not insignificant especially when it occurs daily and over a lifetime. There are many known carcinogenic (cancer-causing) and endocrine disrupters (hormone system disruptors) found in products we commonly know--- think: Sephora, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Benefit, Smashbox, Bobbie Brown, CoverGirl, CVS, Walgreens, Dept. Store Brands, etc. These chemicals have been linked to the rising rates of breast cancer, asthma, autism, reproductive problems and other health issues. Sadly, the FDA doesn’t require any health studies or pre-market testing on personal care products.

So you bet we are concerned… and we hope you are too. The Truth® brand is committed not only to educating our sisters, but also to offer a safe alternative that is trustworthy, safe and effective, especially in a world where all the ‘big brands’ are doing otherwise. Don’t believe everything you read on a label - lots of companies toss around the phrases “all natural” and “organic” on their packaging. Beware! This common labeling practice usually means either nothing or one or two ingredients might be natural, but keep reading…you’ll never be able to pronounce the rest of the stuff they add like cheap fillers, toxic chemicals, and preservatives… and on and on it goes. “Simplicity” is our mantra, using only what we think is necessary and natural for effective skincare. Less is not more…it’s everything! Fewer ingredients mean a higher potency and greater effectiveness.

Where are your products made? 
Right here in beautiful Union Mills, NC, USA. Our natural and organic raw ingredients are responsibly sourced and bought in the USA whenever possible. We daily hand-make our Truth® formulations in small batches. We are an honest, family owned company that delights in each and every creation packed with goodness. 

Do you do animal testing?

What? Never; not ever! We love our furry friends and would never think of harming them to test ingredients. We are certified members and advocates of Leaping Bunny Association.

Leaping Bunny associations


Royal Labs





How are you able to sell such affordable natural products?

One good reason is that WE ARE the manufacturers! We don’t have other people or companies making our products from overseas or elsewhere. (with the exception of Royal Labs USDA/NPA certified products). We dream up, research, formulate, package, label and ship everything ourselves which helps our overhead stay low. We also keep our packaging elegantly simple, instead of fancy and expensive options, and it’s recyclable too. Of course our natural raw ingredients are more expensive for us to purchase, but we buy our ingredients in bulk from reputable USA suppliers which keeps the “middleman’ out.  Additionally, we have chosen not to have a storefront which cuts out high rental costs. We put our focus on the integrity of our products: “what’s inside”, so that our customers will get the very best for less.  As a values-driven company, we are committed to making sure that our healthy and wholesome products are affordable for ALL our friends. Why should just a fraction of people be able to afford authentically natural products which are typically outrageously expensive? Those days are over sisters!

Are your products vegan and gluten free?

Virtually 98% of our products are vegan and gluten-free.  However, we do sell both taklon and grade-A goat hair brushes. In the near future, we will be offering only taklon brushes. Some of our handmade soaps use NC raw goat milk and honey. Beeswax in used our lip-liner pencils.

If you have celiac disease or are sensitive to gluten…gluten-free cosmetics and skin care are a must. Currently, we do not use ingredients such as wheat, rye, barley and *oats (*exception in some soaps: see below). Our vitamin E is rice and soy based and not from a wheat source.

*Below are the soaps that contain raw goat milk and/or honey. Oats are non-contaminated gluten free.


  • Turbinado, Fig & Raw Goat Milk

  • Lavender Oats & Raw Goat Milk

  • Honey, Oatmeal and Goat Milk

  • Cinnamon Bark & Raw Honey

How long will my Truth® mineral makeup stay fresh?

All of our ingredients are naturally derived from the earth. Truth ® mineral makeup is an inert substance made from finely ground natural minerals (rock crystals--mica) and therefore doesn’t harbor bacteria so you can expect a long and stable shelf life without the help of nasty chemical preservatives. We don’t use cheap fillers and additives like other brands which can cause bacteria to grow allowing makeup to go bad faster. We do think it s good idea to store your products away from direct sunlight and in a cool dry place.

Are all your products USDA or NPA certified?

Not all of our products are USDA (US Dept. Of Agriculture) or NPA (Natural Product Association) certified. However, we are devoted to securing certified organic, 100% natural and wild-crafted ingredients from our reputable suppliers. One thing you may not know…when USDA certified ingredients are put into our packaging, FDA law requires that we re-certify that product over again in its new packaging to claim USDA certification. We have done this for our ReBalance Toner, ReNew Moisturizer and NPA certified ReFresh Cleanser, but have not as yet, been able to do this for all our products as it is a long and very costly process.

Why should I choose Truth® mineral makeup (mmu) for my skin?

Glad you asked! First of all, loose minerals and colored clays have been used by people for cosmetics throughout history. Ancient Egyptians used black and green mineral kohl (powdered galena & malachite powder) as a shadow and eyeliner. Remember Cleopatra and her kohl rimmed eyes?

Reasons to choose Truth® MMU:
1. A natural “no-makeup look” can only be achieved with MMU.

2. Fine lines and wrinkles disappear because the titanium in MMU has a high light-refracting index- even more than diamonds! It offers a soft, luminous look.

3. So easy to apply—for flawless coverage…. you can’t mess this up! Blends beautifully – bye-bye lines of demarcation. Less is more with mineral makeup…offering buildable coverage.

4. Fabulous for sensitive skin – chemical free, fragrance free, paraben free!

5. Natural sunblock. Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide minerals are the safest and best sun blockers on the market and they offer broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

6. Lightweight total coverage, yet a sheer natural look. A little goes a long way. So versatile! A long stable shelf life.

7. Great healer for blemishes. Zinc oxide is the best anti-inflammatory and soothes irritated skin. Dermatologists love our Truth ® minerals!

8. Let’s your skin breathe! Using MMU instead of other kinds of makeup helps you get healthier, younger looking skin.

9. MMU does not clog pores, is hypoallergenic, an anti-oxidant and appropriate for all skin types.

10. Beautiful results! Long lasting. Easy to remove,  What’s not to love?

Is nano-technology used in Truth® skin care & cosmetics?

No, Truth® does not use nano-technology nor nano-particles in our products. The premium titanium dioxide & zinc oxide that we use is finely ground but does not contain nano-particles. It is all sourced in the USA.

Are your products “nut-free?”

Many of our products are nut-free, however we do use almond oil, argon oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and kikui nut oil in some of our formulations. Research has shown that almond, shea butter, cocoa, and coconut are not the same as ground nut oils. They are not part of the ground nut tree family. There have been reports that shea butter can trigger an allergic reaction after repeated use for some people. As always, we encourage customers who have extreme allergies to consult a doctor or conduct a patch test before using any product and always read the labels carefully.

Do your products contain soy?

A couple of our lip products contain GMO-free soy as a replacement for the animal product, beeswax.

Are your products GMO-free?

Yes! Our supplying partners offer us GMO-Free USDA certified organic and wild crafted oils, soy, butters and plant extracts. All of our hand-made soaps (not melt & pour) are made from non-GMO sources.

GMO Free -


Natural Product Association


WholeFoods Premium Line Compliant List

Are your products preservative free?

99.99% of our products are preservative free. The two products that do include natural and safe preservatives due to water content, are from an approved ingredient list provided by the trusted Natural Product Association. (NPA) and Wholefoods Premium Line Compliant List which promotes the strictest ingredient safety standards in the industry.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes, we are responsible “earth lovers” and all of our packaging is recyclable HDPE #2 and PET #1. We do not use any styrene based PVC or polycarbonate plastics. Furthermore, we offer our friends the option to purchase re-fills of mineral powders to fill in their previously purchased mineral jars at a discounted rate. Why throw it away when it can be reused again? This offers a significant savings and a great way to recycle.

Do you sell in stores?

Not at this time~ If you are interested in carrying our product please email

Is there an SPF claim on your mineral makeup?

Currently we do not offer SPF claims for our mineral makeup due to the fact that the FDA has stated that even with an official claim, the protection level of powders varies widely because all people put on their mineral makeup differently. Some brush it on light, others medium and others like it heavy. This variability has been problematic for definitive claims to be made. Truth’s® mineral makeup formulation uses premium Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide which is highly regarded as the best and broadest form of sun protection and it is chemical free! It has a long history of being an effectively SAFE broad-spectrum block in both UVA-1 and UVB-2 rays. The best advice is to try our minerals and see how they perform in the sun. We suggest using a healthy chemical-free SPF sunscreen under your mineral makeup for extra protection.

How do I care for my brushes?

Regularly cleaning your brushes will help extend their life and keep bacteria from growing. Truth® offers a specially concentrated organic brush shampoo called “Squeaky Clean” to help keep your brushes in tip-top shape. Our signature brush shampoo was made with the correct pH balance for taking care of both goat hair and taklon brushes. We suggest cleaning them once a week.

Are your products safe for pregnant and nursing woman?

Safety is our mantra. We understand the importance of ingredient safety for all people, especially those who are pregnant and nursing. We first recommend that all expectant mothers check with their physician first before using our products, or any other line of products.

We’ve done a lot of research- so you don’t have to. Rest assured, we would never use these in our formulations. Check out our extensive our “Freedom List”. 



What if the product I ordered isn’t in stock?

Because all of our products are hand-made sometimes there are items out of stock. If we are out of stock with a product you ordered, we will ship your other in stock items first and then send you the back-ordered item at no extra charge. It usually ships with a week

Order Confirmation

Truth® will send you and email confirmation with your order once it leaves our shop. The confirmation email will include items purchased, payment, shipping information and a tracking number.

Are there minimum order sizes? 

No, there is no order minimum and shipping is always free $49 and over.


Promotional Codes

From time to time we offer special promotions. If you’re using a promotional code, you just need to enter it into the promo code box at check out. After you enter a promotional code, it will show up in your shopping bag. You may use only one promo-code per order. Thanks!

What kinds of payments do you accept?

For your convenience, we accept Credit and Debit Cards on a compliant site through Shopify. If you are not able to pay this way, please reach out through

My Account

After you register, you are able to view your order history and check the status of your current order by clicking on “My Account” and then “My Orders.


Shipping FAQ

What about USA shipping costs and processing times?

All orders over $49 SHIP FREE! * If your order is under $49 you are responsible for shipping costs by weight, size of box and destination. We ship Monday – Friday and strive to ship before 24 hours after a cleared payment.  We ship via UPS (over 13 oz) and USPS - (under 13 oz). Holidays and weekend sales normally will have a delay. Priority Mail Express orders placed after 1 pm EST will ship the following business day.

If you feel your shipping is high~ please reach out and we can check the cost it is stating.

Domestic Shipping Options:

1. Free Shipping $49 & over. (Domestic orders only)

2. UPS (Over 13 oz)

3. USPS First Class under 13 oz.

4. Priority Mail over 13 oz begins at $7.15

5. Priority Mail Express for overnight delivery is $23.99

*Free shipping is not an option for internationals orders.

When your order is placed with a shipping choice it will automatically calculate your shipping cost based on weight, and shipping destination. All shipments come with a tracking number. Please note that our in-house processing time is not expedited. For example, if you place an order on Tuesday via priority mail, it does not necessarily mean that it will be at your door by Thursday. It only means that once it leaves our shop it will be at your door in 2 maybe 3 days. Normally our orders go out promptly the next day.

What about International Orders & Shipping?

*Free shipping is not an option for internationals orders.

International orders will be shipped via International Priority Mail flat-rate based on weight/size. USPS International Priority Shipping will include a tracking number, but not beyond US soil. Please be aware of this. Depending on the country, a shipment can take as long as 2 weeks. All international orders are paid in US currency.

What if I need my products quickly?

If you are in a mad rush to get your shipment, contact us on our contact page and will attempt to expedite it for you. We would never want you to revert to CVS or Walgreens to get what you need. We want to keep you healthy, natural and beautiful!

How do I cancel an order?

If you have made a mistake and ordered the wrong item, please adjust it before you check out. If you already checked out and want to make a change or cancel your order, please contact us IMMEDIATELY and we will try to make changes IF the item has not shipped. Normally, once an order has been made, paid & shipped, we cannot cancel it.


What is your return/exchange policy?

It is our hope that nothing ever goes wrong with an order… But we live in the real world, right? So in the event there is a problem with a product you receive, such as a broken lipstick or cracked makeup jar etc, please contact us within 7 business days from the receipt of your shipment via the contact page. Please have your order number ready, and we will happily replace the described damaged item as well as take care of the shipping cost. If you tell us that you did not receive your shipment, and our records show receipt of tracking and delivery, we cannot issue a refund or re-ship.

If you want to send back an un-opened product, it can be exchanged for the correct item, however you will be responsible for the shipping fee unless we shipped an incorrect item. Sorry, we cannot exchange an opened product. We suggest you order samples first to see it you like it. 

Shipping Rules and Restrictions

Truth® will ship to all 50 states. We process orders Monday-Friday, excluding federal holidays. We can only ship to one address per order. If you’d like us to send to multiple addresses (and share the truth) please place a separate order for each sister.

Track Your Shipment

All shipments include a tracking number for your convenience. Once you obtain your tracking number via email, enter it on the USPS website to find out where it is in transit. Truth® is not responsible for transit times.


As you may know we are located in beautiful Union Mills, NC. All on-line orders being sent to a North Carolina destination will have 7.25% tax added to their order per the law of North Carolina. All orders sent outside of NC will have no tax added.

International Taxes

Truth® Inc. is not responsible for duties or taxes imposed by your home country. Keep in mind, your country’s tax & duties when placing your order as we cannot be responsible for these costs, nor do we know them.


Our Suppliers

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