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Bath Steep~ Bask in Citrus

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Truly Handmade 100% Natural Bath Steep

…Blend of Sodium Bicarbonate, Arrowroot powder, Sunflower Oil, a touch of high-quality blend of citrus EO's, leaving a luxurious feeling on skin during and post bath.

A truly moisturizing bath steep that will allow you to relax and uplift your spirit with the light citrus scents drifting around your soaking self. Add some uplifting music, and this Bath Steep experience will add joy!

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Arrowroot powder, Grapefruit EO, Sunflower, Oil, Water, Orange EO, Annatto Powder, Yellow French Clay, Pink French Clay, Lemon EO, Lime EO, Key Lime EO, Isopropyl Alcohol* *Used in manufacturing of product only and dissipates during drying



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